Yard Sale China and a Coconut Mocha Frappe

It’s the middle of May, which means the start of the yardsale season. I stopped at one with my mom and found a goldmine — an almost-complete set of 1940’s china. Ninety-six pieces of Homer Laughlin china, perfect for a future home, but also good for my apartment at college. For a minute I was afraid to take something so beautiful to college, but the china hasn’t been used at least since the 1990’s. And dishes are meant to be used.


So, I spent my afternoon in the kitchen washing out dishes and making a Coconut Mocha Frappe. The dishes are clean, the frappe has been enjoyed, and it has been a lovely day. Here is the recipe for the frappe. I used this recipe as the basis for my own, but added sugar to mine, since I didn’t want to make a sugar-free drink.

Ingredients:coconut mocha frappe

1 can Unsweetened Coconut Milk (about 2 cups)

2 tsp Instant Coffee

1/2 tsp Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

1 drop Coconut Extract

2 tsp Sugar

Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl until well blended. Then, put the mixture into a freezer-safe container and pop into the freezer. Take out every hour and stir with a fork so that it freezes evenly. Mine took about 5 hours to freeze completely. After it is frozen, take it out, let it soften up a bit, and then put it in a blender/food processor until it is smooth.

That’s it! Another cool, summery drink made and enjoyed on a beautiful May day.


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