College 201

Spring 2016

This afternoon I took my last final exam of the semester. Since it is the end of Year Two of college, I’m in the mood to reflect over the year. It was different than freshman year, of course, but some things were still the same. I look back on that post I made at the end of freshman year and smile. Yes. Frozen yogurt still fixes just about everything. (although, I have recently discovered gelato, which is my new, favorite obsession)

This year I went to Shakespearean plays, sat through long lectures, found a church that I am at home in, wrestled with ideas of identity and theology, lived with a new roommate, missed an old roommate, and agonized over kerning choices in my graphic design classes. It’s been quite a year. So, in the spirit of tradition, here’s 15 things I’ve learned my sophomore year of college:

  1. Having Printmaking before American Sign Language means that my hands are always stained when people look at my hands the most.
  2. Having ink-stained/paint-stained/xacto-cut hands can actually be an artist’s right of passage, in a way.
  3. Food comes in many forms, but chocolate is the best form.
  4. Letting go does not always mean giving up.
  5. “The economy stinks, bees are dying, and movies are pretty much all sequels now.” – Schmidt
  6. Friends don’t let friends work on art projects alone.
  7. Dancing doesn’t require that much rhythm or flexibility. It just takes confidence.
  8. Actually, most of life just takes confidence. Fake it ’til you make it, friends.
  9. Sometimes sleep is a better use of time than studying those slides one more time.
  10. Don’t wear good clothes into the studio. They will die slow, painful deaths.
  11. Friends are the people who are brave enough to tell you when you have lettuce stuck in your teeth.
  12. Even something as simple as a “little” trip into the city can be an adventure if you let it.
  13. If you find yourself laughing at a friend doing something, photograph that moment. It will make excellent blackmail later on.
  14. Long-distance relationships can thrive on Facebook messenger gifs and Pinterest memes for a ridiculously long time.
  15. Breathe. Seriously. It helps most situations.

So, that’s about it! What have you learned this year?



3 thoughts on “College 201

  1. Congratulations on completing your second year at College! Just wanted to let you know I so enjoy reading your blog although I’ve never commented before! Enjoy your summer! God bless you! Sue


  2. Finally done with the semester! Ha,ha…I always have to laugh at some of the things in your list =)
    Yum, gelato is a craze here in our house with the Talenti brand…four of us had our own containers in the freezer just a couple days ago!


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