Ode to a Friend

Two and a half years ago I would never have thought I would be going to the college that I am attending. I was not even planning to visit it, let alone apply. It was too close to home, with a tiny art department, and named after a denomination I didn’t know the particulars to.

But then my friend invited me to tour the campus with her. And then, after I had instantly been won over by the campus’ friendly environment, I applied and put down my deposit. And then I got the chance to room with the best roommate for three semesters.

And it’s all Sara’s fault.

I like to blame Sara for a lot of things. I blame her for the good things of life. Some of the bad things I blame her for, too… but that’s because we all live off sarcasm and snark and enjoy blaming each other for things that are impossible to link back to the blame.

It’s Sara’s fault, too, that I had such a great first three semesters at college. It’s also her fault that the next semester I’ll have to do without her. It just so happens that my friend is a genius and has the opportunity to study in Spain next semester. Therefore, I am writing this in celebration of the happiness of those three semesters and all the anticipated life experiences we’re going to have as soon as she’s back.

This post is for her.

It’s for those late nights when we contemplated theology. And every lunch we ate together where she taught me the names for couscous and quinoa and discussed the merits of different types of fish. And when we blew the circuit every time we tried to vacuum .

It’s every time she made me laugh when I wanted to cry. When her advice was blunt, timely, and very necessary. And if I ever needed to know the Spanish word for anything, she always had me covered.

I’m thankful that she introduced me to the IJN Ministry on campus. I’m so glad she let me follow her around the first few weeks of school, which is how I met a lot of friends and learned to find my way around campus.

When I think of cheerios, I smile. And Twenty One Pilots is the soundtrack for our lives. We’ve watched countless hours of BBC’s Sherlock, Agent Carter, and Dr. Who and have sent each other probably a hundred pins on Pinterest. At least.

Thanks for supporting this blog since the very beginning, Sara! Thanks for being a great roommate. Spain had better treat you well, or else it will have to answer to me.

Adios Amiga!



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