Miscellaneous Experiences of a College Student

I thought it would be interesting to share with you a couple of snapshots of my life from this week. They are merely for your amusement and have know rhetorical value whatsoever, so be forewarned…

I have an astrophysicist teaching the astronomy class I’m in this semester. Do you know what he said when he had us neck-deep in physics equations? “If this isn’t interesting to you, I don’t know what would be.” I was not interested, unfortunately. Birds are interesting, or watching a soccer game is interesting. Math equations are merely methods of torture inflicted upon college students. He also was heard saying, “There’s a lot of neat physics you can do with ellipses.”

Speaking of ellipses, my roommate was hopping in circles with excitement the other day, and said “I’m an honor’s student. I turn in ellipses, not circles.”

If you walked into my residence hall’s lounge last week you might have spied my friend and me dying of laughter while watching a Shakespeare adaption on a tiny laptop screen. Is that normal? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t consider myself necessarily normal anyway.

It’s the little things in life that are appreciated by college students. For instance, I sent a little prayer of thanks heavenward when there was ketchup at dinner today. You would not belief how rare of an occurrence this is.

My friend sat talking to me at lunch while she systematically detached all six of my keys from their keyrings and laid them on the table. I did not notice until I went to leave. She put them back together, but in the wrong order, which makes it especially hard for me to get into my dorm room. Curse you, muscle memory.

This weekend I’m going to a theological conference in a different city. I’m preparing to be one of the youngest people there and completely geeking out over entirely philosophical debates.

What obscure things have you done this week?


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