College 101

I’m back home now, after finishing my very last exam of my freshman year of college. It’s funny how many things have changed, yet how much is still the same. It doesn’t seem like 9 months ago I was stepping onto that campus for the first time, and it’s hard to believe it will be 3 more until I go back again. I’ve learned a lot since that first day that I sat in my dorm room afraid to poke my head out the door and see the new world I found myself in. Here are some of the things I discovered since then:

1) Everyone is nervous and friendless that first day.

2) The amount of effort you put in to things is what you get back out of it.

3) Some of the best papers are written at 10 pm.

4) Friends can come in every shape and size and major.

5) “Perfume and dry shampoo can cover over a multitude of sins. chiefly, if you run out of time for a shower.” -my roommate

6) It’s not your job to fix people, but to love them.

7) The world is not often as simplistic as is imagined.

8) Read. Always.

9) New things are good for you. Try dancing, running, and applying for the class counsel.

10) Work hard at friendships and serving others, but don’t forget about yourself in the midst of everything.

11) Eat the vegetables.

12) Don’t judge people until you know their story. Better yet, don’t judge.

13) There are no secrets on small campuses.

14) A lot of professors truly do care.

15) Frozen yogurt fixes just about everything.


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